How can I recover deleted files on Xiaomi Mi 6?

“As a big fan of Sony smart phone. After a bought Xiaomi Mi 6 before. I have saved more than 5 hundred contacts on it. Unfortunately, because of my Xiaomi Mi 6 without Combination lock, my four years old son have open my Android smartphone to play and deleted lots of important contacts on my Mi 6 mistakenly. Can you help me restore my deleted contacts to my Mi 6 ? Those contacts are of great importance to me, please do me a favor. Thank you very much! ” Continue reading

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How to retrieve deleted call history and video from OnePlus 3T?

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Recover deleted Contacts photos on Huawei P10 Plus

Can I restore deleted photos from Huawei P10 Plus? This article is dedicated to the lost contacts photos the user to prepare, Huawei P10 Plus data recovery allow you to recover deleted contacts AND PHOTOS from your phones. Continue reading